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Direction Travel dates Price
Vilnius (VNO) - Bologna (BLQ)
Depart: 2020-04-28
Return: 2020-05-05
111 EUR
Round trip
Checked: 2 days ago
Vilnius (VNO) - Bologna (BLQ)
Depart: 2020-06-13
Return: 2020-06-20
127 EUR
Round trip
Checked: 4 days ago
Vilnius (VNO) - Bologna (BLQ)
Depart: 2020-05-25
Return: 2020-05-29
128 EUR
Round trip
Checked: 21 days ago
Vilnius (VNO) - Bologna (BLQ)
Depart: 2020-07-25
Return: 2020-08-02
193 EUR
Round trip
Checked: 13 days ago